Natural Swimming Pools vs Swimming Ponds

A natural swimming pool uses biological filtration technology to keep the water crystal clear and clean without the use of any chemicals such as chlorine, salt or ozone.

Whereas a swimming pond is a man made pond with a balanced ecosystem which keeps the water clean without the need for any active filtration technology.

It’s easy to get baffled by the terminology surrounding natural swimming pools and swimming ponds so here is how to spot the difference.

Infographic detailing the difference between swimming ponds and natural swimming pools




Swimming Pond

Natural Swimming Pool

What is it?

A man made pond designed for you to swim in A swimming pool filtered by bio-filtration systems without the use of chemicals such as chlorine, salt or ozone

Are there any design restraints?

Yes, a pond needs specific design features including minimum depth, zoning & drainage Nope, the world is your oyster! Anything from a classic looking swimming pool to a natural looking oasis seamlessly integrated into your garden landscape

Will I need aquatic plants in the water?

The pond must have plants in 50% of the water area for the water to stay clean and to control algae Your swimming pool water stays clean without needing any plants (although plants can be incorporated into your design for aesthetics if you like!)

How does the water stay clean?

No active filtration/cleaning of water, all filtration is controlled by carefully balancing the pond ecosystem and allowing the plants to carry out the filtration The water is kept crystal clear using pumps to move the pool water through biological filters which keep it drinkably clean

Can the water be heated?

No, swimming ponds cannot be heated Yes they can be heated, covered AND created indoors

Will it need maintenance?

Ponds are fairly maintenance free but it will need thorough cleaning during the winter A NSP needs simple regular maintenance just like a chlorine swimming pool BUT with vastly reduced maintenance effort and running costs

Is there is risk of algae growing in the water?

Yes a medium risk Very unlikely