Pool Covers & Insulation

Spending money on heating an un-covered / un-insulated swimming pool, is like building a modern house with no insulation, turning up the heating and opening all the windows at the same time!


Swimming pools can easily consume more heat than the average UK house and in some cases many times this, so it’s important to understand how heat can be effectively retained through efficient design and usage of your pool.

How swimming pools loose heat

60%  – 70% of swimming pool heat loss comes from surface evaporation with the remaining losses coming from heat transfer into the surrounding ground, which in the UK typically stays at a 12 degrees even during the summer months.

How we minimise heat loss through our natural swimming pool designs

We minimise heat loss from evaporation incorporating a thermal pool cover in your pool design for when the pool is not in use.
Heat-loss from ground transfer is minimised by super insulating the pool shell to prevent transfer of the pool heat into the surrounding ground.

The cost to cover and insulate a natural swimming pool

The cost of pool covers can vary from £1,800 for a basic manual bubble cover to £14,000 for a concealed slatted cover for a typical 10x5m pool.
The cost of insulation is relatively inexpensive and might add £1,500 to the cost of a typical 11m x 5m pool.

Both covers and insulation make a huge difference to the cost of heating the pool, and will give you the ability to increase pool temperatures or extend your swimming season as you wish, without it literally costing the earth.