Cleveland Pools to be chemical free with thanks to Clear Water Revivals natural filtration system

Cleveland Pools: Soon to be the world’s first heated, public natural swimming pool

The Cleveland Pools Trust has taken a ground-breaking step in developing a scheme for the  restoration of the grade II* listed Cleveland Pools – the country’s only surviving Georgian open-air pools, which date from 1815. Rather than a chemical system, the trust have selected the Clear Water Revival natural filtration system for the 25 meter open Read more…

Basement Swimming Pool - freshwater and chemical free

Basement swimming pools: Maximise the space beneath your feet

Basement conversions have been popular for sometime in London and other cities where space is at a premium. Having branched into the roof space to accommodate growing families, city dwellers moved their attention downwards to create extra bedrooms, living space and gyms at the basement level. In recent years, those with more ambitious aspirations, have Read more…

surrey pool small photo

Natural swimming pools are on the up

We have seen an increase in popularity of natural pools in recent years.

Present pool owners have gained greater awareness of the toxic dangers of chlorine and it being placed in a home environment, not to mention the annual costs in chemicals that they could be saving if they had a chemical-free natural pool.

Other people perhaps are more interested because of a natural pool’s sustainable credentials versus a conventional swimming pool. The battery power runs off a single solar panel and the bio filters require no salt or chemicals to keep the water clean, preventing any chemicals from going into the water system, nor adding to increasing household energy bills.