5 Exciting Developments at Clear Water Revival


It’s been a fantastically busy and exciting year at Clear Water Revival. This is what we’ve been up to:

  1. Building a variety of beautiful and unique swimming pools across the UK and in Europe
  2. Moving into our new R&D labs
  3. Constructing test pools
  4. Relocating to bigger offices
  5. Progressing our scientific prowess

Building natural swimming pools that don’t require plants is no easy feat. For this reason, we’ve been scaling-up our R&D operation to refine and develop the only self-contained, plant room based, chemical-free swimming pool filter on the market.

Instead of using unpleasant chlorine to filter the water, CWR’s unique system uses cutting-edge microbiology to keep the water crystal clear. Our scientists are constantly working to develop more ways to reduce system size and cost by harnessing the power of micro-organisms so that our clients swim in chemical free mineral water. The last ten years of research has paid-off and we are thoroughly enjoying putting the fruits of our labour to work in some beautiful swimming pools. Take a look at this one:

swimming pool builders
A stunning new pool build by Clear Water Revival

Built in Sussex, this is an excellent example of how a natural pool compliments its surroundings. The symmetry of the pool matches the symmetry of the surrounding trees creating a wonderful naturalistic yet modern look. Using our ClearSpring filter means that the planted areas at the pool’s edge are ornamental and all filtration happens in the plant room. The client usually likes the pool temperature at around 28 degrees but it can be heated up to 32. The pool is also covered when not in use to reduce heat-loss and improve efficiency. Our analysis shows that this pool should only cost £300 per year to heat. Our filtration system is extremely energy efficient, resulting in excellent cost-savings for the owner of this pool. On indoor pools we can save up to £12,000 over conventional chemical based filtration.

swimming pool builders
Clear Water Revival test pools
swimming pool builders
Clear Water Revival science labs

As well as building pools for clients, we’ve also been building pools

for ourselves! We’ve constructed 7 test pools which allow our PhD scientists to put our ClearSpring filters through their paces. We’ve also moved into our new labs at the University of the West of England giving us the ability to test brand new technologies, materials and systems every day.

CWR are always investing in technological development and it is our dedication to the science behind natural swimming pools that makes our system best in class for chemical free filtration. This is why in 2011 we were the first company in the world to build an indoor natural swimming pool. Since then we have built several indoor pools and will soon complete the UK’s (possibly the world’s) first heated basement swimming pool. Our natural pools don’t require any planted zones which is what makes indoor natural pools possible.

Our final exciting development has been moving to our new offices. We’ve settled in well and are enjoying the extra office space, the large windows let the sun in and act as a viewing gallery for our tests pools. We have also established two dedicated scientific laboratories for our cutting edge research work. . It’s certainly an ideal set-up!

Enjoy the summer and stay tuned for future news of a ground breaking scientific discovery we have recently made!

  • Sam Terrett

    Keep up the good work guys! Excited to see what the future holds!