The Team

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to design unique natural swimming pools & planting schemes within the constraints of the brief and the site.

Bristol is home to the design team and our technology lab where our filter technology is constantly tested and developed to ensure that we can provide our clients with the best biological filter systems on the planet!


David Nettleton – Aquatic Ecologist

David has over 15 years experience working on natural swimming pool projects from the classical to the contemporary.  He has a passion for design excellence and meticulous attention to detail.

David has now spent over ten years experimenting with biological filter design across a wide range of applications. His experience includes working in public aquariums around the world, including several years as a head aquarist at the London Aquarium.

David has played a key role in defining and driving the scientific research into our Bio-filters and control of Phosphorous at very low levels in fresh water.


Andrew Cox – Mechanical Engineer

Fellow Director and co-founder Andrew Cox is a qualified mechanical engineer and has been involved in business and new product development of environmental technologies for over 13 years. He has considerable experience in product development including specification, design, patents, prototyping, project management, procurement, manufacturing and quality assurance.

Previously Andrew has designed numerous award winning clean-tech products from wind turbines to solar products. Andrew’s industrial experience is wide ranging; he has established wind turbine production facilities in Wales, written and implemented numerous manufacturing quality standards and established steel fabrication facilities in Ukraine for production of solar PV carports.

Andrew is responsible for new product development, business operations and rollout of new technology.

Alexander Pearson – Senior Project Manager

Alexander joined CWR to lead the construction and renovation arm of the company.
He had previously spent many years working with multi-national companies on district heating and renewable energy projects for  villages and estates.

He brings a wealth of practical and theoretical experience in hydraulics, energy and construction. He is driven by delivering projects to a five star standard whilst managing the clients expectations.


Dr Jack Lee – In House Scientific Researcher

Dr Jack Lee is the scientific researcher at Clear Water Revival. He works full time in our lab at the University of the West of England (UWE) testing and developing our biological filtration system. Jack recently graduated from Lincoln University, Ph.D Environmental Freshwater Microbiology. His experience includes designing and carrying out microcosm, mesocosm and environmental experiments as well as investigating the ecology of aquatic bacterial communities and  processed water samples from a range of freshwater environments, including wastewater treatment plants, rivers and lakes.

Dan Adams – Sales & Marketing Manager

Dan brings over 10 years experience in writing, marketing and sales. Well acquainted with start-ups and with a background in renewable energy Journalism Dan is the friendly voice of CWR. within scientific and technology sectors to Clear Water Revival.