Basement Swimming Pool - freshwater and chemical free

Create a freshwater basement swimming pool

Our unique biofiltration technology means that you can now create your own freshwater swimming pool under your property or garden.

Freshwater Basement Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

Gone of the days when an indoor swimming pool meant steamy chlorine filled air.

Our swimming pool filtration systems do not need chlorine or any other chemicals and are perfect for basement swimming pools and other indoor pools where sunlight is limited.

Freshwater Basement Swimming Pool Costs

As well as their chemical free advantages, the filters are vastly more energy efficient than those in chlorinated, salt or ozone pools and as such save you up to £2k a year in running costs.

The cost of the filter for your basement swimming pool will depend on the size of your pool so please contact us for a ballpark figure over the phone on 01179 23 25 88 or use our contact form

Basement Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Your pool design can vary from the simple to the all-out-extravagant with some clients opting for a basic 2x4m lap pool with swimming current and others creating a subterranean pool oasis and entertaining space.

For some top tips on designing your basement swimming pool please see our recent basement swimming pool blog post

Basement Swimming Pool Construction

There is a lot to consider with any swimming pool design but a basement swimming pool requires additional thought due to the restrictions often presented in relation to space and light.

We can offer turnkey solutions, taking care of every single aspect of construction or work as a sub-contractor for the required elements of the basement pool project.

We work closely with you and your architect, discuss your basement pool concept, agree every detail of the project, and provide precise costs for all components you with us to provide.

This approach ensures that we deliver exactly what you require within the agreed budget.

With such a long heritage in designing bespoke freshwater swimming pools, we have developed a unique and versatile range of construction methods that allows us to build in almost any style and in any location.

We use the latest materials and leading-edge technical and environmental techniques to solve complex projects such as basement swimming pools in confined spaces.

For further information about freshwater basement swimming pools please get in touch with our team