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Natural Swimming Pools and Swimming Ponds

A natural swimming pool, sometimes called a swimming pond where designed as such, offers a completely natural alternative to chemical pools/ozone or salt pools. They are chlorine-free, and harness nature's processes, with microorganisms and plants balancing the water chemistry and maintaining clean, clear and hygienic conditions for natural swimming.

What is different about CWR's Natural Swimming Pools?:

Natural Swimming Pools explained

A Natural Swimming Pool is a wonderful combination of a swimming pool and a naturally functioning wetland, creating a clean and chemical free environment for you to swim in and a wildlife attraction for your garden. They can bring an essence of Victorian England back to the country.

The Benefits of a natural swimming pool:

Visit the blog to read an article about pool maintenance vs. a conventional pool.

Natural Swimming Pool Design

The basic philosophy behind water quality in a conventional swimming pool is to kill everything short of killing the swimmer. There is another way. In a natural swimming pool we harness natures' own processes to produce clean, clear water. Friendly bacteria keep the water balanced and clean, just as nature intended.

The swimming area is structurally distinct from the wetland, or ‘regeneration zone', which is a shallow area containing a permeable substrate where friendly microorganisms (beneficial bacteria), reeds and nutrient hungry aquatic plants filter the water as it percolates through the bed. Pools can be designed to fit any sized garden, but will usually have a depth in the swimming zone of 1.5-2m.

Clear Water Revival pools are distinct in their ability to be designed in any style to fit any space. Where as your traditional natural swimming pond has a 50-50% split between swim zone and regeneration zone, our pools can have as little as 14% surface area taken up by planted zone and they work just as well as a small plunge pool compared to a large pool.

Some technology can be used to assist in maintaining the balance; e.g. skimmers to remove debris falling onto the surface; small artificial filters which give a final polish to the water; or UV sterilizers, which we do not employ but some may use to insurance against extreme environmental conditions such as in hotter climates or in pools which are in heavy public use.

In order that a congruous natural appearance is maintained, the retaining structure of the swimming zone, such as a concrete or timber wall, will be obscured under the surface of the water. We feel it is very important to ensure this artificial structure within the pool is as indistinct as possible, so you will really feel you are swimming in a natural spring. However, we are also able to design more architectured or formal pools where such linear features will be used to give the desired effect.

Natural Swimming Pool Construction
Wherever possible, construction of the pool will make use of either local supplies and/or reclaimed/recycled materials. For example, we would chose to employ replacement cement for concrete walls and footings, or recycled railway sleepers, should timber retaining walls be chosen for the swimming area. Often the choice of materials will be dictated by your location (i.e. local availability of recycled materials) in order that your costs are reduced and the sustainable nature of such a construction is maintained. As another example, you may choose to match any rockwork to your local geology.

A typical medium-large pool will take around 1-2 months to complete, depending on the level of technology and landscaping required. Groundwork preparation and installation of the watertight liner is carried out by specialist appointed contractors, ensuring best build quality.

Renewable energy options
A typical heated swimming pool uses more energy than consumed by the average 3 bed UK house. Renewable energy options can be added to heat the pool in an environmentally sustainable manner, as well as provide power to the pumps. Technologies available include ground source heat pumps, solar thermal panels, wind turbines and small scale biomass boilers. Renewable energy systems can also be designed and sized to meet the requirements of a nearby dwelling if requested.

Natural swimming pools tend to cost the same as conventional swimming pools, however, their maintenance and running costs are considerably less. Clear Water Revival can provide you with a proposal and quotation tailored to your exact requirements and location. Existing swimming pools can be converted into natural swimming pools at a lower cost to a new build, helping to turn an eyesore into a beautiful water garden

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