Services for Architects

Are you an architect looking for advice and support for your natural swimming pool project?  Then look no further!

Our many years of experience designing and building natural swimming pools and swimming ponds, means that we can offer all the expert support you need to make chemical free swimming a reality for your client.
Our unique filtration technology, offers the designer maximum flexability, whether you are looking for a freeform swimming pond, a formal garden pool or a hybrid solution we have a technical solution which will fit with your design intent.

What we offer

In addition to providing natural filtration technology, CWR regularly work closely with architects by assisting with early stage design, through to installation and project completion.

If you have a particular project in mind we would be happy to help you with the following:

  • Advice on which filtration approach to use to closely match your client’s needs
  • Input into the creative design process and assistance on what is and isn’t achievable for a given budget
  • Production of typical pool section drawings for you to include in your overall design plans and construction drawings
  • Site drainage plans and plumbing schematic overlays
  • Advice on methods of pool heating, pool insulation and thermal covers
  • Price guides and full quotes for supply only and full installation of our biological filtration systems
  • Our experiences on natural system compatible materials and liners
  • Payback analysis of natural filtration vs a typical chlorine systems
  • Recommendations for automated pool cleaning solutions

How we work with you

We are very flexible about how we work, for projects near our HQ we can offer a complete pool build service, or if you prefer we can work with your appointed contractor on site to deliver just the filtration side of the project.
If you are working further afield from our HQ then our UK wide network of skilled installation partners means we have full UK coverage if a build service is required.
As a minimum, we will always support you with a full review of the overall design, the supply of the filtration technology, and be on site to complete the system plumbing, run system checks and commission your clients pool.
After the project build is complete, and at commissioning stage we provide a full suite of manuals and on site training for your end client.
For more information or to arrange a call to discuss your project please contact us