Natural swimming pools are popular amongst nature lovers because of their softened impact on the garden environment compared to conventional pools, as well as the encouragement they give to being outdoors and appreciating nature.

Aside from many other health benefits for natural swimming pool users, here are 5 reasons why your garden will thank you for choosing a natural pool:

1. They blend in with your garden landscape

Unlike conventional swimming pools, natural swimming pools can use gravel and stone (often from the local area) for the finish of the pool. The specific colours and materials can be chosen to fit in with the natural landscape of the area, making it appear as if it was borne out of the landscape and there all along. A good garden design company will be able to assist you

2. The natural 100% chemical free water encourages wildlife to visit your garden.

You will experience an increase in dragonfly, frogs and newts, as well as small birds that come to drink the water. Increasingly gardens are becoming more manmade for ease of maintenance, removing natural hedgerows, trees and environments where wildlife choose to live.

3. They get even better over time

Flowers such as marsh marigolds, bulrushes and lilies grow in the aquatic plant area and over the years will establish and mature to make a full and complimentary plant area to your pool.

4: They use less energy and water than a conventional pool.

Once the pool is built and filled, you will occasionally need to top up the pool’s water levels. Filling and emptying conventional pools uses roughly 80 million litres of water a year in the UK alone. CWRs natural pools can be powered with one simple solar panel to pump the water, and the black linings of the more natural looking pools help warm the water up faster than the conventional light blue colour of pools.

5. They do not use any chemicals.

By not loading your pool with hazardous chemicals, you are softening the impact on the environment and protecting your skin. The nutrients that get drawn out of the water by the bio-filter system, once removed, can be loaded onto your flowerbeds and used as natural fertiliser.

Love natural pools, hate waste.