From humble beginnings in 2006,Clear Water Revival have become one of the forerunners in the progression of natural swimming pools. Our pools do not rely on planted beds for filtration, making our system incredibly versatile and applicable to any design.

Over the last 10 years we have developed our state of the art filtration system, thus allowing our clientele to enjoy eco-friendly, natural swimming pools that are 100% chlorine free.

Our innovative, tenacious and dedicated team will help bring your vision of a natural swimming pool to life. From design through to hand over and beyond, we pride ourselves on our uncompromising passion to deliver quality, meticulous project management and exceptional commitment to our clients.

Integrity is the core value of our company and we strive to be open, honest, ethical and genuine in our approach.  Our future plans are to continually deliver the very best in everything we do, and hold ourselves accountable for the results.