Chemical-Free & Environmentally Friendly

The secret to having a crystal clear, eco-friendly and chemical free natural swimming pool is to avoid any nutrients getting into the water and remove microorganisms, we achieve this using our state of the art filtration system.

This filtration system means we do not need chemicals like chlorine, copper or salt or the assistance of plants or gravel substrate beds to help purify the water. This means you have more room to swim and the water will always be crystal clear, chemical free and eco-friendly.

Our filtration system also benefits from our monitoring system app called Clarity. Users are able to observe and control their pool at the touch of a button, remotely from a phone or PC app. For added security CWR’s central server also monitors your pool 24 hours a day, free of charge.

Clarity monitors the following elements:

  • Water Flow rates
  • Filter and system pressures
  • Water Temperature
  • Water top-up usage
  • Pump health
  • System Consumables