Natural Swimming Pools are fast becoming the first choice for homeowners.

The health benefits of a chlorine free pool are huge for both the swimmer and the environment, but a swimming pool can not only help improve your physical and mental health, but also promote family togetherness.

Here are just 3 but follow the link for more information:

  1. They do not use any harmful chemicals – Our state of the art bio-filtration system is at the cutting edge of water purification technology and after years of research and development we are now able to clean the water to such an extent that no algae have enough nutrients to survive.
  2. They use less water – Natural pools don’t need constant emptying and refilling. Occasional top-up aside, they only need to be filled once. Filling and refilling conventional pools uses roughly 80 million litres of water in the UK every year.
  3. They are cheaper than conventional pools over their lifetime – Although construction costs may be higher than those of conventional pools, natural pool owners save significant amounts on maintenance costs as their pools do not require expensive filtration equipment and chemicals.

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