Leading edge biofiltration technology

Our Biofiltration System: Technical Heritage

Current directors, Andrew Cox (Mechanical Engineer) and David Nettleton (Marine Biologist) established Clear Water Revival in 2006.  Since then, we have built over 70 natural swimming ponds and pools across the UK as well as numerous projects abroad.

We are the only natural swimming pool company in Europe who have taken a ground up, scientific approach to developing a natural filtration system for private and commercial swimming pools and are the only UK company with an in-house developed natural filtration system.

At our labs at the University of the West of England (UWE), we employ a team of full time scientists and engineers who are continually perfecting our market leading bio-filter technology, and we have won numerous innovation awards from Innovate UK.

How and why does our biofiltration system work?

The key success factor in any natural swimming pool or swimming pond, is the ability to have complete and continual control of nutrient levels (specifically Nitrogen and Phosphorous) in the water at all times to ensure that they remain undetectable.

When algae and bacteria grows in water, they are feeding of nutrients which are being added to the pool through organic inputs such as dust, leaves, rainfall, bird droppings etc and by swimmers (skin, sweat & urine).

Our filter works by constantly removing these nutrient inputs from the system, and in doing so ensures that algae and bacteria cannot grow and the water is crystal clear at all times. In essence what goes in, must come out! 

The accuracy of our filter systems is down to our robust filter-sizing tool which has been developed based on five years of lab-scale, and full-scale scientific trials carried out in our labs at Cranfield University and the University of West England.

Inputs and removal of nutrients can be accurately modelled for any pool size and number of swimmers on an hourly basis throughout the year, and then be verified using experimental data from our lab tests.

We are the only natural filtration company to have such a full scientific understanding of swimming pool water chemistry, and it’s this approach which ensures that our natural swimming pools are beautiful to look at, and swim in, 365 days a year.

What makes our biofiltration system different?

Our system has been developed with high levels of reliability; low running costs, ease of maintenance and remote control monitoring to ensure the best possible performance at all times.

For the first time, it is therefore possible to achieve all the benefits of a formal, heated traditional (chlorinated) pool, with the added benefit of a freshwater swimming environment, whilst saving thousands per year in running costs.

Unlike competitor systems, our highly efficient filtration technology relies on microbial action rather than chemicals or plants; this enables natural pools to be built indoors or outside, with or without plants and allows for the water to be heated up to 30 degrees.

Our technology is therefore perfect for indoor pools, swimming pool conversions and outdoor pools with both formal and informal designs. Find out more about biofiltration technology.

Still not sure about biofiltration for your swimming pool?

Chemical free swimming pools have become increasingly popular in all sorts of commercial and private applications.  It’s not just because of the growing distrust of disinfecting chemicals and the hidden health risks these presents, its about the financial burden on the home or business, especially in the face of ever rising energy costs.  Read our guide to chemical free swimming to find out more