Chemical Free

  • Crystal clear, no chemicals, no need for plants.

    Clear Water Revival’s ClearSpring™ system is the world’s first chemical-free pool filter that fits into a standard plant room, making it a like-for-like alternative to old-style chlorine pool filtration. Previously, natural pools used planted beds to filter the water, however our system requires no plants at all. Now, chemical free swimming is possible in any pool, indoor or outdoor, using a vessel-based system. Clear Water Revival are the only company in the world that can bring you soft, chemical free water on a private or commercial basis without the need for any planted beds or zones. Click right to compare our system to a chlorine system.

  • ClearSpring™ vs Chemical Filtration

    How does the water stay clean? The ClearSpring filter starves algae of the nutrients it needs to survive. Chemical systems kill bacteria, we stop it growing in the first place. How do the running costs compare? Lower water turnover rates mean that our system saves you money over time as energy usage is reduced. What are the maintenance requirements? The system requires no chemical dosing and less maintenance than an old-style chemical pool. Can my pool be heated? Yes, our pools are the only natural swimming pools that can be covered and heated up to 32 degrees.

  • our pools vs other natural pools?

    No Plants required: Most natural pools require a large planted zone in which filtration occurs. ClearSpring™ requires no planted zones giving you far more design flexibility. Our system fits in a standard plant room and all filtration occurs in a vessel based filter. Any design, modern and sleek or naturalistic: Since no plants are needed in our system, you can design your pool in any style that fits your taste. Many of our clients opt for a highly modern, sleek look however for those who prefer a more naturalistic aesthetic, plants can be added for visual effect. Indoor or outdoor: Our ClearSpring™ system is the only chemical free filtration option for indoor pools on the market.

  • UK technology and local experts 

    Our technology has been designed and developed in the UK by leading water science experts who are on-hand and easily accessible. This makes the hand-over process as well as ongoing technical maintenance prompt and hassle-free. Our labs and test pools at the University of the West of England allow our scientists to continually improve our systems and monitor client’s pools to ensure optimum performance.

Monitoring System

Control your pool from the palm of your hand

Clarity, our internet enabled monitoring system, oversees every aspect of your filtration system for total peace of mind. Users are able to observe and control their pool at the touch of a button, remotely from a phone or PC app. For added security CWR’s central server also monitors your pool 24 hours a day, free of charge. Clarity monitors the following elements:

  • Water Flow rates
  • Filter and system pressures
  • Water Temperature
  • Water top-up usage
  • Pump health
  • System Consumables

Filtration System

  • A thriving natural ecosystem, refined.

    Clear Water Revival have designed the most effective swimming pond filtration system available. ‘Capped Substrate Technology’ combats the traditional problems caused by other planted filtration bed methods. Benefits

    • Cleaner and clearer
    • No channelling
    • No escaped dirt or nutrients in the swimming area
    • Low maintenance
  • common swimming pond issues and how we avoid them

    Channelling: Channelling occurs when water finds the shortest path or path of least resistance through an unevenly constructed bed of plant roots, gravel or technical substrates, thereby leaving other areas to become ‘dead spots’ of minimal or no flow. Our swimming pond system does not rely on active filtration but rather the careful cultivation of plant life and the natural ecosystem to keep the water clean.

  • Common swimming pond issues and how we avoid them

    Uncontrolled build-up of organic material: Our swimming ponds are designed and built to ensure organic sediment or ‘dirt’, remain separated from the pool users and easily removed from the pool using cleaning equipment. This results in cleaner, clearer water as well as a far easier cleaning process. Carbon supply and pH balancing: Water chemistry is passively controlled by the minerals in our substrate technology. For example the pH of the water is balanced and the plants are continually supplied with the carbon they require to photosynthesize and grow.

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We are an environmentally conscious family and decided to opt for a chemical free pool. A choice that has benefited me, my children and my friends.

We don't get any chemicals on our skin and the pool water is cleaner than our tap water. No one has to use googles to stop their eyes becoming sore and you get out of the pool feeling really refreshed.

The maintenance is very light and the water is always crystal clear, we have used it throughout the spring and summer with no heating as the excellent insulation of the build plus the solar thermal cover keeps the temperature warm enough to swim.

Peter Cooke- Briery Hall