Natural Pool Filtration Systems

Why use chemicals when nature can do it for you, and do it better?

In any body of water, microbes like bacteria and algae will grow if there are enough organic nutrients in the water for them to feed on.  In chlorinated or ‘saltwater’ swimming pools, chlorine is used to disinfect the water and destroy all life in the pool.

Our natural pool filtration system provides a more technologically advanced, more reliable, and chemical free solution to cleaning the water in your swimming pool.

How will my natural pool filtration system work?

Your natural pool filtration system is a three-stage filter, which enables complete control of nutrients in your swimming pool water.

The different medias housed in the filters, have been developed and selected for their high performance characteristics (enabling a very efficient and reliable nutrient removal) and have been extensively tested for a range of bather loadings, flow rates and filter dimensions.

This means that our natural pool filtration system can cope with even the most demanding of conditions such as those found in public and commercial swimming pools.

The system has in built redundancy to ensure continual and effective nutrient removal, which is the key to crystal clear water, and why we are able to offer you a water quality guarantee.

Your natural pool filtration system will be sized and created to cope with the specific demand of your natural swimming pool.

We use our robust filter-sizing tool which has been developed based on five years of lab-scale, and full-scale scientific trials to ensure that your pool will stay free of bacteria and algae.

Our research does not stop there, our biofiltration laboratory enables us to continually test and optimise our biofiltration systems.  For more information about the science behind biofiltration click here

How will I know it is working?

A key part of your natural pool filtration system is the remote monitoring and control centre which enables us to monitor your pool 24 hours per day 365 days per year. If there is a problem with your natural pool filtration system (e.g.: reduced flow rates or a pump not functioning) we will be made aware of it in real time and remedial action can be taken before any subsequent issues arise.

The outputs from all sensors are monitored via a GSM and Wi-Fi enabled PLC, which is connected to our head-end server in Bristol. Readings are taken and recorded on a half hourly basis and sent to our server. Numerical  limits are programmed into the PLC, and text alarms are sent if limits are reached. We can even send the alarms to your customers phone!

How much will it cost to run my natural pool filtration system?

Carefully controlled water circulation moves water through the filter unit at lower turnover rates than conventional swimming pools. Therefore low energy pumps can be used, and without the need for adding chemicals, you save large sums of money in running costs each year.

Still not sure about biofiltration for your swimming pool?

Chemical free swimming pools have become increasingly popular in all sorts of commercial and private applications.  It’s not just because of the growing distrust of disinfecting chemicals and the hidden health risks these presents, its about the financial burden on the home or business, especially in the face of ever rising energy costs.  Read our guide to chemical free swimming to find out more