Swim in a crystal clear, 100% chemical free outdoor swimming pool

We can create anything from a completely plant free, heated contemporary natural pool through to a heavily planted pool blended seamlessly into your garden landscape.

In fact no one else in the UK offers you the freedom of outdoor natural swimming pool design achievable with our unique bio-filtration technology.

If you’d like to understand more about our filtration systems, click here for an overview of how our bio-filtration works.

What you will get from a Clear Water Revival natural swimming pool

  • Guaranteed clean and clear water.  Our scientifically proven bio-filtration system ensures you have clean and clear water 365 days of the year
  • Flexible swimming pool design.  Our versatile filter technology enables us to design truly bespoke outdoor natural pools with flexibility to meet your budget and requirements for size, shape, style and level of planting and wildlife
  • Improved user friendliness.  With our natural swimming pools there is no dosing with chemicals, no water replacement, minimal top up water quantities, simple low cost maintenance and ease of use
  • More heating options.  Our outdoor swimming pools can be heated and covered just like a chlorinated swimming pool
  • Lower running costs.  Pumps are sized between 120-250watts, driving your energy bills down; heated pools are heavily insulated and covered; and design takes careful consideration of ease of cleaning, minimizing the manual input required in keeping your pool looking as you want it.

Looking for design inspiration?

To help you to start to think about designing your natural swimming pool, we have classified our natural pools into 5 types dependent on the % of plants you require in the swimming pool design.


Natural Pool Designs


You can browse these pool types above or contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.