Public Swimming Pools

Head to a public natural swimming pool to sooth, heal and have your senses realigned!

Wellness is a growing consumer priority, and the demand for natural spas and retreats has increased as people look to embrace a more proactive and holistic approach towards their health.

Our unique bio-filtration system is specifically designed to cope with the demands of public natural swimming  pools.

Public natural swimming pools offer an ideal setting for community open spaces and a beautiful focus to the gardens of a natural spa, lido, hotel or retreat.  Clear Water Revival offer full design, construction and ongoing maintenance services for public authorities, developers and hotel managers.

The Scarlet Hotel in the main image above was our first public natural swimming pool design commission. It provides a perfect transition to the wild conservation land in front of the hotel.

How our public natural swimming pools stay clean

With our system, your swimming pool water is pumped though a bio-filter where filter media and friendly bacteria work together to remove organic nutrients from the water. This prevents any algae or nasty bacteria from being able to grow by starving them of the essential nutrition they require.

The biofilter contains tested filter granules and other unique substrates which aid the development of microbiology important to the cleaning process, and help balance the pool chemistry e.g. pH and alkalinity.

Assurance of cleanliness

Our laboratory at The University of the West of England (UWE) enables us to continually test our filtration systems ensuring that public swimming pools using our system have a more technologically advanced and more reliable solution to cleaning the pool water.

The record of hygiene within our public natural swimming pools has been impeccable. We have developed a strict set of management and design protocols in order to satisfy local authorities and prevent any possible health risks to the public.

We work closely with existing regulatroy bodies such as SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) in order that our pools retain a flawless reputation.

Want to swim in a public natural swimming pool?

If you are keen to take a dip in a public natural swimming pool then we can help!   We have complied a list of our all time favourite public natural swimming pools here in the UK.

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