Escape into nature with a swimming pond

A swimming pond is a magnificent addition to your garden and can truly blend into the landscape.

Your swimming pond may look like a normal garden pond, but really it consists of two zones: a deep, central swimming area, and a shallower ‘regeneration’ area where plants, specially chosen to purify the water and harbour wildlife, grow.

How does the water stay clean in your swimming pond?

Unlike our natural swimming pools, swimming ponds do not need active filtration technology for the water to stay clean as all filtration is cleverly controlled by plants.

Your swimming pond must have plants in 50% of the water area for the water to stay clean and to control algae…………….. so it truly is wild swimming in your own garden.

The water in your pond is cleaned using the purifying properties of plants. A small filter extracts surface debris such as leaves, and a pump keeps the water circulating sufficiently through the planted area.

Because about half of the pond area is devoted to plants, it is as much a garden feature as a swimming pond and changes constantly with the seasons providing year round beauty and maturing over the years.

Why choose a swimming pond?

As well as looking beautiful, the chemical free water in your swimming pond will enable you to avoid the many health concerns associated with conventional pools, such as eye and skin irritations, cancer and respiratory problems.

Although a swimming pond cannot be heated or covered, the average unheated UK summer water temperature hovers around 19-25 degrees compared to an unheated chlorinated pool which will only reach a maximum of 17 degrees in the summer.

Your swimming pond will also use less water than a swimming pool as they don’t need constant emptying and filing.  Filling and refilling conventional pools uses roughly 80 million litres of water in the UK every year and has a massive environmental impact as well as cost implications.

Swimming ponds are also very low maintenance.  Without the need for any chemical dosing or active filtration systems, a swimming pond just needs a thorough clean over the Winter when the plants are dormant.

Your swimming pond will provide an important habitat for wildlife as the regeneration area attracts frogs, toads, dragonflies, damselflies, water boatmen and pond-skaters, which subsequently attract woodland and garden birds, which also drink and bathe in the water.  So it’s not just you who benefits from a swimming pond, your whole garden will thank you!

Your swimming pond will be cheaper than a conventional pool over its lifetime.  Although construction costs may be slightly higher than those of conventional pools, you will save significant amounts on maintenance costs as your pond will not require filtration equipment and chemicals.

As with everything we do, your swimming pond will be 100% chemical free, with clean water, filtered naturally.


For more information about the difference between a swimming pond and natural swimming pool take a look at our Infographic.