Swimming Pool Construction


In keeping with our sustainable ethos, construction of our natural swimming pools makes use of either local supplies and/or reclaimed/recycled materials where ever possible.

We often employ replacement cement for concrete walls and footings, or recycled railway sleepers, should timber retaining walls be chosen for the swimming area.

Often the choice of materials will be dictated by your location (i.e. local availability of recycled materials) in order that your costs are reduced and the sustainable nature of such a construction is maintained.

Linking your pool to your landscape

A natural swimming pool is an extension of your garden landscape and as such you may choose to match any rockwork to your local geology and use materials which help to blend your natural pool into your garden.  We are able to provide advice on materials throughout the design phase and all of our nationwide partners are also experienced in selecting materials to compliment your garden.

Construction timescales

A typical medium-large pool will take around 1-2 months to complete, depending on the level of technology and landscaping required. Groundwork preparation and installation of the watertight liner is carried out by specialist appointed contractors, ensuring best build quality.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about construction or arrange for a design consultation to meet with us face to face to chat through your project.