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Flexible Natural Swimming Pool Design

Why are CWR swimming pool designs different?


In a CWR natural swimming pool or pond we harness natures’ own processes to produce clean, clear water. Friendly bacteria keep the water balanced and clean, just as nature intended.

Clear Water Revival pools are distinct in their ability to be designed in any style to fit any space because of our unique and flexible filtration system.

Where as your traditional natural swimming pond has a 50-50% split between swim zone and regeneration zone, our pools can very small planted zones or no plants whatsoever, and they work just as well as a small plunge pool compared to a large pool.

Any type of taste and style is accommodated through the natural swimming pool designs achievable with our unique bio-filtration technology.


In our planted pools, the swimming area is separated from the planted area, or ‘regeneration zone’, which is a shallow area where minerals, friendly microorganisms (beneficial bacteria), reeds and nutrient hungry aquatic plants clean the water as it passes through the bed.

CWR pools can be designed to fit any sized garden and our technology enables your pool to have a contemporary or natural design.

If you are looking for a more natural feel, the retaining structure of the swimming zone, such as a concrete or timber wall, is obscured under the surface of the water. We feel it is very important to ensure this artificial structure within the pool is as indistinct as possible, so you will really feel you are swimming in a natural spring.

However, your pool can also have a more architectural or formal design where geometric features will be used to give the desired effect. We like to use natural stone where tiling is desired, our sealing products protect the stone and ensure a long lasting perfect finish.

Remember anything is possible so please get in touch even if you feel you garden maybe a tricky space to work in.

Our Design Team

Our in-house design team offer natural swimming pool design services to clients seeking a natural swimming pool which is both beautiful and functional.  Find our more about our design team.

Our team get busy as Spring approaches so arrange a consultation now to ensure your natural pool is ready for you to take a dip in once the weather starts to warm up.  Get in touch today on 0117 923 2588 or contact us to arrange a consultation.