bring chemical-free swimming indoors

Clear Water Revival were the first natural pool company to build an indoor swimming pool using our state-of-the-art technology and since then we have completed a number of stunning natural indoor projects across the UK including basement pools.

As with all of our natural pools, your indoor swimming pool water will be 100% chemical free, clean, clear and hygienic.

The benefits of our Indoor Pools

  • Crystal-clear, chemical-free water
  • Perfect air quality, free of chlorine
  • Heated up to 32 degrees
  • Less maintenance and reduced pool hall degradation
  • Higher Efficiency, lower running costs
  • Fully Coverable
  • indoor swimming pools that we have created
  • One of our indoor swimming pools
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  • indoor swimming pools look great in any home!


Find out about this heated indoor natural swimming pool.

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The ClearSpring Biofilter

Our unique, cutting edge biofilter is the only vessel based natural pool filter in the world. It prevents any algae or harmful bacteria from being able to grow by starving them of the essential nutrition they require.

Lower running costs

The ClearSpring filter has been designed with efficiency in mind. The lower water turnover frequency of our swimming pools compared to old-style chlorine pools mean lower energy bills.


As our technology does not require plants to filter the water, CWR’s natural swimming pools can be easily covered, fully insulated and heated up to 32 degrees with minimal heat loss and associated running cost.

Less maintenance

There is no need for any chlorine dosing in a Clear Water Revival pool due to our ClearSpring natural biofilter. This ensures the time and effort spent on maintaining your indoor pool is significantly reduced.


Basement Swimming Pools

If you want to avoid using chlorine in your basement swimming pool project and prevent the associated chemical odors from taking over your home, the ClearSpring system is the answer. We are the only company capable of creating a naturally filtered basement swimming pool.