It’s not as difficult as you might think, here are a few tips to keep your pool in perfect condition:

  • If you have a pool cover – keep it on unless the pool is in use, this will retain heat and help to keep debris out of the water.
  • Net out any debris on a regular basis
  • Clean the liner and underwater surfaces of your pool frequently – all CWR pools are supplied with a pool vacuum to help with this task.
  • Brush down steps and ladders – to keep them free of debris
  • Ensure your equipment is checked by our technical team every year, our team cover a broad range of services including water testing, PH Balancing and complete maintenance or repair on any part of the filter system.

Our pools require far less maintenance than old-style chemical pools and most elements are easy for owners to manage. We’ve also designed a state of the art monitoring system Clarity which gives you control at the palm of your hand.