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Join the Natural Pools Trend | Natural Swimming Pools Are On The Rise

We have seen an increase in popularity of natural pools in recent years.

Present pool owners have gained greater awareness of the toxic dangers of chlorine and it being placed in a home environment, not to mention the annual costs in chemicals that they could be saving if they had a chemical-free natural pool.

Other people perhaps are more interested because of a natural pool’s sustainable credentials versus a conventional swimming pool. The battery power runs off a single solar panel and the bio filters require no salt or chemicals to keep the water clean, preventing any chemicals from going into the water system, nor adding to increasing household energy bills.

Rather than using chemicals or devices to sterilise or disinfect the water, the filtration of a natural swimming pool is carried out by a biological filtration system, to produce living water, free from chemicals. As a result, natural pools have the advantage of being environmental whereas the chemicals required for traditional pools, on the other hand, can damage the environment. For more information on the damaging effects of Chlorine read our other blog here.

Health Benefits of Natural Pools

By not loading a pool with hazardous chemicals, you are softening the impact on the environment and protecting your skin.

Here are six examples of the health benefits of natural pools:

  • It has shown to improve and stimulate the immune system
  • It triggers the release of endorphins which lead to a feeling of happiness and contentment
  • It increases and stimulates circulation
  • It is fantastic exercise
  • It connects you with nature which is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, converting free-floating angst into muscle relaxation.
  • Swimming in natural waters has been prized as a therapy for many health problems for centuries

If you are interested in learning more about the natural swimming pools offered by Clear Water Revival please get contact us today to discuss your pool project further by calling us on 01179232588 or emailing us at info@clear-water-revival.com.