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One-Piece Pools - Clear Water Revival

Why choose a ONE-PIECE pool?

Clear Water Revival’s unique mineral water filtration systems and unrivalled design expertise have been combined with the highest quality pre-fabrication practices to create the world’s most exceptional one piece swimming pool.



We believe that swimming should be a natural experience, free from harmful chemicals. Our bodies have evolved over millions of years to live in harmony with our environment so it’s no surprise that our wellbeing is intrinsically linked to regular connection with nature.

  • Quick and easy installation – the fastest install time of any pool
  • High quality fittings, robust materials
  • Natural, Mineral Water Filtration, environmentally friendly with lower maintenance costs
  • Use less water, with less need for constant emptying and filling
  • A wide range of pool sizes, and understated water colours
  • Bespoke design, curated to your home and requirements


Your pool will be both an aesthetic water feature and a functional space, therefore detailed design work is key to integrating your pool into its environment and maximising its use for you and the family.

One-piece composite pools are available in a wide range of sizes, colourways and configurations to meet your needs and the needs of the site. Our team will help you understand the best practices when selecting your perfect shell design and will guide you based upon years of experience and real-world customer feedback.

Once options have been selected, our design team will create a set of detailed technical drawings so that all contractors have the information they need to complete the groundworks and install.



Built using a robust insulated vinylester composite, our one-piece pools are manufactured to stand the test of time. The shell has been carefully designed for minimalist aesthetics, without the traditional signs of moulding which are common in most prefabricated pools.



As your pool is constructed off-site, installation takes a fraction of the time and is far less contingent upon weather conditions and expensive specialist labour compared to pools that use traditional build methods.

Once manufactured, the pool will be transported to site and can either be offloaded directly from the transport vehicle into the excavation, or lifted in via a crane depending on the access to your property.

Once the pool is in place, pool to plant room pipework is installed, the filtration and heating systems are connected and the pool is filled and secured with a concrete ring beam around it’s perimeter to anchor it in place. Finally the cover slats are fitted and the pool is ready for commissioning.



For more information and to download our full One Piece Pool Brochure please fill in this form.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01179232588, and an experienced member of staff will be on hand to talk to you, or you can email info@clear-water-revival.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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