We can create anything from a completely plant free, heated contemporary natural pool through to a heavily planted pool blended seamlessly into your garden landscape.

Whatever your pool style, ClearSpring technology means you will be swimming in 100% chemical free mineral water.

  • Outdoor natural swimming pools
  • Our outdoor swimming pools will look great in your home
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Briery Hall

Find out about this stunning pool and its filtration as well as heating systems and covering.

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natural swimming pools will look great in your garden



ClearSpring – Unplanted

All pool filtration is done by the ClearSpring biofilter. It’s the only system available that produces natural, clean water, free from chemicals, without the need for planted areas. This means that sleek, modern swimming pools can now be naturally filtered. Find out more at the knowledge base.


Our outdoor natural swimming pools are stunning



ClearSpring – Planted

In a ClearSpring planted swimming pool you have the best of both worlds: crisp clear modern natural filtration in a plant room, plus the stunning addition of planting. Planting is limited to 20% of the pool’s ‘swim area’. All the filtration is done by the ClearSpring biofilter, with the plants adding an attractive visual element. If you would like more than 20% of your pool to be planted, click here to find out about swimming ponds.



this natural swimming pool design is a thing of beauty



ClearSpring – Aesthetic

The Aesthetic configuration uses the ClearSpring plant room based filter for all the pool’s filtration, however, this type of design uses hydrologically separate ponds for a naturalistic visual effect, giving you a sense of mother nature, but without her fingerprints.






ClearSpring – Hybrid

The ClearSpring hybrid system uses a mixture of planted zones and vessel-based technology to filter the water. This allows flexibility in design with an element of plant filtration for clients who like this natural stage.

Chemical free pool


The benefits of a clear water revival outdoor pool

  • Guaranteed clean, clear, chemical-free water
  • Lower running costs. Our technology is designed for optimum efficiency meaning lower energy bills due to low water turnover frequency
  • More heating options. Our outdoor swimming pools can be heated and covered just like an old-style, chlorinated swimming pool
  • Improved user friendliness. With our natural swimming pools there is no dosing with chemicals, no water replacement and minimal top-up water quantities.
  • Flexible swimming pool design. Our versatile filter technology enables us to design truly bespoke outdoor natural pools which meet your budget, size, shape and style requirements.

Our new natural swimming pool has been transformative. We had an old concrete pool that was constantly green - now I have a beautiful planted garden space and delightful naturally filtered pool. We used it throughout the summer and it became focal point in our garden for fun and relaxation. Swimming has a totally different feeling - it has none of the chlorine smells or tastes and my family has none of the irritation of skin, eyes, or hair. The running costs, like heating, are also notably lower which has meant we have used it far more.

Susan McCartney, Graesands Surrey
Natural Swimming Pool Open Days in 2015