Converting or refurbishing an existing pool

If you wish to convert your swimming pool to run on a chemical-free system, Clear Water Revival can retrofit the Mineral+Biome® system to existing pools. The system has been engineered to fit within most standard plant equipment rooms. If your existing pool filtration has broken down, is expensive to run, or you want to improve your water quality and rid your home of harmful chemicals, a conversion is the answer. We can offer any of the following:


Installation of the Mineral+Biome® system converting your pool to natural water

Structural rebuild or redesign

Aesthetic refurbishment

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The Benefits of MINERAL+BIOME® natural filtration

The system can be fitted in any standard plant room which means that it can be retro-fit to existing swimming pools making conversions from chlorine to natural a possibility.

Some of the benefits of using Mineral+Biome® for a pool conversion/refurb project:


100% chemical free mineral water

Heatable to 30 degrees

Less maintenance

Lower running costs


Find out more about Mineral+Biome® technology.

With Clear Water Revival we can deliver a variety of natural pools and promise clean, clear water for the swimmer. It is also the only system that can be retro fitted to existing pools.

Pete Clark, Landscapes Ltd