Why choose a swimming pond?

A magnificent addition, swimming ponds will bring your garden to life with birds, insects and various water creatures. They use only plant biology and physics to filter the water.


  • Swimming ponds are 50% planted and 50% swimming area
  • They don’t require covering and will hover around 19-25 degrees during the summer
  • Your pond will serve as an important habitat for an array of wildlife
  • Swimming pond are cheaper than pools over time due to the vastly lower maintenance costs


  • Swimming ponds are very low maintenance as they don’t need any chemical dosing or filtration systems
  • Your swimming pool will also use less water as they don’t need constant emptying and filling.


swimming ponds can come in a variety of sizes, custom built to suit your needs.

How does the water stay clean in a swimming pond?

Swimming ponds do not use active technical filtration. Plants do all the work. A pond consists of 2 balanced sections: half plants and half swimming area. The plants, work to stop algae growth by removing phosphorus and nitrogen before it can multiply, leaving you with a clean and clear swimming pond.

A stunning garden feature, swimming ponds change constantly with the seasons providing year-round beauty and maturing over time.

Find out more about the science

Chemical free pool

Your swimming pond will be cheaper than a conventional pool over its lifetime

Although construction costs may be slightly higher than those of conventional pools, you will save significant amounts on maintenance costs as your pond will not require filtration equipment and chemicals.

For more information about the difference between a swimming pond and natural swimming pools take a look at our Infographic.

Watching the sunset reflected on the still water, the pool achieves exactly what we wanted. I can only echo what a guest at our pond opening party stated…”it’s not a pool, it’s a chunk of heaven!

Mr John Wyer, Hitchin, UK