Installing a swimming pool is quite often a once in a lifetime thing, so the chances are that you’ve not done this before.

Here are some things you need to think about before making your final decision, and some important factors to consider to make sure you end up with the pool that you’ve dreamed off.

Step 1: How much does a pool cost to install?

The first steps is deciding on budget….how much it is going to cost you to build a swimming pool. If that cost is feasible.  Getting a budget cost from companies without architect drawings will be like drawing blood from a stone. Without exact specifications and designs companies are very wary about offering budget quotations. Swimming pools are like anything else. Their price depends on a massive range of factors including size, location, pool construction type, design features and many more.

So how are you supposed to find out how much a pool costs?

A quick google will lead you to believe that you can install a swimming pool for around £60,000, but realistically if you are looking for an in-ground pool, it will cost you on average between £70,000+. Outdoor pools will fall on the lower end, and indoor pools will be higher.

With almost every pool installation company this is for the pool construction and related components (i.e.. shell, pool plant, cover, pool heating unit). It does not include civil works such as excavation, and if it’s an indoor pool it does not include the building works, any surrounds, lighting, electrical work etc. All these costs need to be calculated and factored into the overall project.