You certainly can, the industry standard is 27°C but you can have it even warmer than that if you’d like. 

Our pools are designed to thermally efficient and so they retain as much natural heat as possible with the assistance of insulation and heat retaining covers.

Our heating options are:

AIR SOURCE:- Air Source Heat Pumps are the most popular heating method for outdoor pools due to their ease of install, efficiency and reliability.  Heat pumps can be sized for all year round use or spring to autumn use. Clients can heat their pools to 30 degrees for a thermal spa experience or alternatively some clients prefer a swimming temperature between 24 and 28 for exercise and general family use.

GROUND SOURCE & BIOMASS:-Other renewables such as biomass boilers or ground source heat pumps can be used to provide a primary supply of hot water to your pool plant room. We can then use a titanium plate heat exchanger to transfer the heat into your pool water.

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