Clear Water Revival are the only company that can retro fit our state of the art filtration system and change your existing chorine pool to a chemical free natural swimming pool.

During the filtration process the good bacteria starve the water of key food sources like phosphorous, a building block of algae’s DNA, creating a stressful and inhospitable environment for pathogens to survive or multiply. 

This allows us to produce heated mineral enhanced pool water, that far exceeds EU bathing water standards without the need for disinfection chemicals like chlorine.

Natural pools are also appealing to those who are conscious of the environmental impact old style chemicals can have on the surroundings. 

Natural pools are lower maintenance and cheaper to run than a conventional chlorine pool because you won’t need to keep buying chemicals and salt, nor do you need to check pH balances or maintain chemical filters, our state of the art filtration system does all that for you without using any chemicals or additives.

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