A ground source heat pump is sometimes referred to as a geothermal heat pump. These pumps provide an efficient and eco friendly source of renewable energy for many years and have many financial and environmental beneftis over conventional sources of pool heating.

Ground source heat pumps work by capturing thermal energy from the ground. This is then used to heat the water for your pool. In order to extract the heat from the ground, underground pipes are laid either in hotizontal loops or into a deep borehole, depending o the space you have available.

This process is as follows:

Creating a never ending loop sustem, pipes are buried to take advantage of the earths constant underground temrature, these pipes have a special fluid (a mixture of water and antifreeze)inside them and the earths heat is transferred through the walls of the pipes into the fluid as if flows through the system. The length and surface area of the pipe system allows lots of heat to be absorbed.

Once the water/antifreeze mixtrue has finished its heat gathering journey thought the pipe system it enters the evaporator,  the evaporator has two sealed-off compartments, one housing the flowing water-antifreeze mixture, and another holding a volume of refrigerant. The two liquids never mix together.

This is where the heat form the water-antifreeze mixture difuses into the refigerant liquid, the refigerant liquid has a very low boiling point and so the quickly becomes a gas – meanwhile the water-antifreeze mixture continues to circulate back into the ground loops for another cycle.

The gas is then pumped into a compressor,  which will increase the pressure of the gas and therefore its temperature. Now the refigerant gas is hot it flows into the heat exchanger which transfers the heat from its pipes into a flowing water circuit circulating the water from your swimming pool.

Now the refigerant gas has given all its heat to the pool water, it condenses back to a liquid and passes through the expansion valve and back to the evaporator ready to start the cycle all overagain.

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