An air source heat pump works the same way your refrigerator does, it draws heat from the outside air and is turned into heat for your pool.

A special refrigerant gas is used to collect any heat from the outside air that is blown by the fan across the coils of the evaporator. Once the heat has been absorbed it is turned into gas and pumped to the compressor, as the gas is compressed it’s heat intesifies and gets hotter, the gas is then pumped through it’s colis into the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger drum is filled with water from your pool and as the gas passes through the coils it warms the pool water.

As the gas cools it returns to it’s liquid form and is pumped through the expansion valve and back into the evaporator, ready for the whole process to start again.

An air  heat pump does not generate heat itself, it captures it and moves it from air to water, providing an efficient an environmentally friendly system for heating your swimming pool.

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