In the last 50 years, the UK has seen a boom in the construction of domestic swimming pools and opportunities to make them stand out were limited to small visual and cosmetics changes. However, pool owners now have an excessive variety of opportunities and choice, when choosing how to update their swimming pool. This blog describes some of the fantastic technological pool innovations that could be made to any pool, to make your pool a unique and luxurious addition to your home.

Underwater LED Lighting

As the evenings become darker on a crisp autumn evening, you don’t have to swim in complete darkness. It’s now possible to install LED lighting in a variety of styles, and the range of choice on the market means there’s an option to suit every taste and budget. Otherwise known as light-emitting diodes, LED lighting is more expensive upfront than halogen or incandescent lights, but they will save you in the long run due to their energy-efficiency. LED lights, in particular, are one of the most popular fittings for swimming pools.

The LED lighting also has a greater lifespan and lower maintenance than incandescent lighting, which makes up for the increased price. Furthermore, LEDs are flexible, smaller and more versatile than there antecedents, and can be operated remotely using a control panel. As a greater emphasis has been placed on energy-efficiency, LED technology has become a standard feature overtaking old-fashioned incandescent bulbs.

Underwater LED Lights – The White House, Oxfordshire

Underwater Speakers

These underwater music speakers are one of the newest and high-end swimming pool accessories around at the moment. Creating an atmosphere for all to enjoy is an important aspect of owning a pool and music can complement your swimming pool area by providing relaxation, setting a mood and creating a more social environment. For years, pool owners have been plagued with trying to find ingenious new ways to incorporate music into their pool setting. Fortunately, underwater pool speakers make this easy to add music to your swimming pool. While standard speakers cannot be submerged, underwater pool speakers are specifically designed for such an application. Typically, underwater speakers consist of a watertight plastic speaker which is connected to the surround system above the water with insulated speaker wire.

Movable Floors

One of the most popular types of pools for high-end homes at the moment are moving floor pools, which are making waves for a good reason, as they allow for pool construction in unlikely properties where space is already at a premium.

As the name implies, a moveable floor can raise and lower as needed from the base of your pool. Above all, movable swimming pool floors are undoubtedly the ultimate solution for covering swimming pools, as you can reclaim precious space. When raised, the pool completely vanishes leaving you with a smooth, high-quality tiled area that would typically be absorbed by the pool when not in use, which can then be used for multiple purposes ranging from a gym space to a dance floor! You can also simply lower the floor a fraction to leave a shallow pool as a water feature. As a result, movable floors are the ultimate solution for space creation, increase versatility of any facility.

One of the leading companies of providing movable floors is Twinscape ( Twinscape has been a part of luxury swimming pool projects across the globe, and their moving floors only take approximately eight minutes to rise to the top of the swimming pool.

Twinscape project based in London, image courtesy of Twinscape (
Moving Floor raised to the top, image courtesy of Twinscape (

Infinity Edge

In most ways, an infinity-edge pool has the same components as any other swimming pool. Although the main difference is the vanished edge portion. If you search for luxurious swimming pools on the internet, chances are you’ll come across several beautiful infinity-edge pools. Constructed so that one of the perimeters of the pool is invisible, allowing the illusion of blending into the surrounding landscape, creating a seamless edge. This type of pool is a winner all over the world, often as a selling point for luxury builds and never fails to bring that ‘wow’ factor to any pool. 

With water as mesmerising as the Villa Epicurea in Portugal, there are few better places to have a natural infinity-edge pool that provides the permanent feeling of diving into its breath-taking water. In line with their eco-friendly ethos, this particular pool is built with nature in mind with a 12-meter long sustainable infinity pool which embodies their mission of combining modern technology and a viable way of living. For more information on their sustainable journey or for booking a stay with them, visit their website

Infinity Edge – Villa Epicurea, Portugal

Hidden Pool Covers

With summer coming to a close and autumn looming, the time to cover your pool for the winter months approaches. Pool covers are an essential part of owning a pool, particularly when it comes to outdoor swimming pools. It can save you time in taking care of your pool, enabling easier maintenance and less cleaning, as well as clean-up costs, should leaves and unwanted items fall in, revolutionalising pool care. However, some people do not like when the pool cover is visible when the pool is open.

Luckily, there is a recent innovation that could help with this problem, in the form of a motorised or automatic hidden pool cover. These types of pool covers are most popular for heat retention, as they can generate free heat from the sun, but can also slow down heat loss and help to reduce evaporation. Stored behind a panel at the bottom of the pool, designed to float on the surface of the pool, they can be extended to cover the surface of the swimming pool with the touch of a button. In addition, automatic covers are generally installed in new build swimming pools and are most popular because they can be hidden out of sight, making a great addition to any pool, indoor or outdoor.

For information on conventional covers, see our guide on choosing swimming pool covers.

Moving Pool Cover – Long Barn, Somerset

Counter-Current Units

Otherwise known as swimming machines or swimming turbines, counter-current units are a straightforward and effective means of being able to turn your pool into a robust health and fitness unit at the touch of a button. In essence, the counter-current unit emulates a treadmill and provides a space to exercise in, while remaining technically stationary, removing the need for large pool spaces. In comparison to swim jets, counter-current units are turbines which are much more powerful and better for athletic swimming than swim jets, which are big pumps and quite easy to swim against.

The HydroStar unit is the latest and most advance counter-current unit available, with a choice of performance classes, meaning it is perfect for both wellness applications and sustained, challenging swim sessions. Additionally, the HydroStar unit comes with several additional benefits, including space-saving installation, fast assembly, energy-efficient operation, no splashing water and no noise or vibrations!

Demonstration of HydroStar Counter Unit

These units can be fitted within any new pool or even retrospectively in pre-existing pools. They are discrete and simple devices to use but offer a vast range of potential benefits to both your health and your lifestyle. For more information on the unrivalled product on the market for counter-current systems visit their website:

Clear Water Revival

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