The main question we are asked is…” If you don’t use chemicals, how does the water stay so clear?”

The answer is that chemical systems kill off the bacteria when they start to grow, whereas we stop it being able to grow in the first place using our state of the art filtration system that starves any algae of the nutrients it needs to survive which provides you with a crystal clear pool every day.

These filtration systems use low energy variable speed pumps and are often installed alongside renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic panels which can power all of your pool’s electrical equipment.

Our technology has been designed and developed in the UK by leading water science experts using the data from exciting new studies.

Our pools are monitored by a touch screen control system that monitors the health of the system and flags up any issues before they affect your water quality. CWR also monitor your pool 24 hours a day, through our central server to ensure everything is running correctly, checking things like flow rates, filtration pressures, temperature and pump health.

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