If ever there were a “how long is a piece of string” question… This one would be very close to the top of the list. Simply put, there is no one-size-fits-all answer because there are so many variants, size, depth, shape, landscape, aesthetics and so on.

**UPDATE – View our One Piece Pool solutions**

So ultimately the honest answer is, we’d need to have a discussion about your requirements before we can give you any figures, but we can help you with a little inside knowledge to make sure whatever pool you get, it suits your purpose.

CWR will always build pools that do justice to their environment, from both an aesthetic perspective, and a sustainability perspective. This means that quality components, materials and processes must be specified to ensure you have a pool for life rather than a just pool for summer. Often it’s very difficult to ascertain the quality of product if you compare two quotes, so ensure you dig deep when asking questions about warranties, aesthetic details, maintenance, efficiency and practicality.

The most important things to consider when designing (https://www.clear-water-revival.com/swimming-pool-builders/#goto-construction) a pool are to build from the ground up, meaning make sure you have the best insulation possible and that you have a really good pool cover to help keep as much heat in the water as possible.

Building a quality pool is a not a small undertaking and needs the expertise of many different services from groundworks (https://www.clear-water-revival.com/swimming-pool-builders/#goto-construction) to dig the hole for the pool and channels for the pipework to landscapers to make the area look good after the works are over, so we’ll factor these costs into your budget.

Natural Swimming Pool – Villa Epicurea, Sesimbra, Portugal

The good news about indoor (https://www.clear-water-revival.com/indoor-pools/) or outdoor (https://www.clear-water-revival.com/outdoor-pools/) natural swimming pools is that over time you will save money because once they have been fitted with a properly engineered bio filter, you won’t be spending as much on maintenance and chlorine costs.

To further reduce running costs pools can be heated by solar panels, air source or ground source heat pumps, no matter which route you choose, make sure you get a heating system that will fulfil your swimming needs i.e. the temperature you’d like the water and that it will be able to heat the water in the winter months if you want to swim all year round.

Photography by Gareth Iwan Jones (www.garethiwanjones.com)

Some of the most common questions we get asked about our pools are:

Will my pool water go green?

No, the water will remain clear. Our unique, cutting edge prevents any algae or harmful bacteria from being able to grow by starving them of the essential nutrition they require.

Will it cost a lot to heat my pool?

As our technology does not require plants to filter the water, CWR’s natural swimming pools (https://www.clear-water-revival.com/)can be easily covered, fully insulated and heated up to 30 degrees with minimal heat loss and associated running cost.

Does it cost a lot to maintain my pool?

There is no need for any chlorine dosing in a Clear Water Revival pool due to our natural biofilter. This ensures the time and effort spent on maintaining your indoor pool is significantly reduced.

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