It’s no surprise that every pool should have a cover, some people manage to get by without one, but they spend a lot more on opening, maintaining and winterising their pools. Here are some reasons why you need a pool cover:-

SAFETY: We are all aware of how dangerous a pool can be if there are children about, so safety is the number 1 reason why a pool cover is so important. Some swimming pool covers are specifically designed to be a safety barrier for children and animals who happen to fall in.

ENERGY (part 1): Pools lose energy in a number of ways but evaporation is by far the biggest source of energy loss. About 70% of energy is lost though evaporation and pool covers minimise this. Evaporation is when a liquid gets warm and turns into a gas, how quickly the water evaporates depends on things like air temperature, wind speed and humidity. So not only will your pool cover reduce the evaporation it will also mean you wont have to refill your pool as often.

ENERGY (part 2): You’ll put a lot of thought into choosing the right heating system for your pool – so you’d be crazy to let all that warmth and energy out into the open air when you are not using the pool. Keeping the pool covered when it’s not in use will help retain warmer water temperatures.

CLEANLINESS: This may be obvious, but keeping your pool covered will keep out any unwanted debris. This is kinder to the pool filters and also means less cleaning and vacuuming for you.

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