There are a few factors to take into account when deciding on the position of your pool. Here are a few we think you need to consider:-

FIND THE SUN – We all appreciate a sunny pool so it is important that you orientate your pool to take advantage of the suns position and heat during the day, not only will you save money because the sun will heat the pool for you but it’s also a lot nicer to swim in full sunlight. So look to see where the sun spends most of it’s time in your garden.

THINK ABOUT THE SHADE – Be aware of any shadows cast by your home or trees in your garden. If your pool will be used by lots of young children a partly shaded shallow end is a good idea to help protect their skin from the sun. Be mindful that a shaded pool will need more energy to heat it. We would suggest mapping out the parts of your garden that are shaded and which remain in the sun.

SAFETY – This is really important if you have children or pets.  You will want to be able to see as much of the garden & pool as possible so you can keep an eye on the children. A proper pool cover will help with any safety concerns when the pool is not in use.  The type of pool surround is also an important choice to reduce the chance of slip hazards.

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