Britain boasts about 210,000 privately owned outdoor pools, and with UK temperatures set to rise and staycations on the increase, pools are becoming more and more popular.

Our natural swimming pools do not have the same running and maintenance costs that chlorine pools have and therefore they are an asset when it comes to selling your property.

Having a pool provides endless hours of fun for the kids, exercise for the grownups with counter current options where you swim or exercise against a broad, deep current that’s adjustable to any speed, stroke or ability,  and then there is always the opportunity for a pool party!!

If you have a pool then pay attention to the upkeep when it’s time to sell. If a pool looks well maintained, fresh and inviting it will help to sell the house, but if it looks like the pool is going to need a lot of attention it will put the buyers off. If you’re selling your house in winter make sure the pool has a good cover on it, so it still looks good.

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