Your skin is your largest organ and it needs protecting.

When you buy a Clear Water Natural Swimming Pool you guarantee yourself the luxury of swimming in crystal clear mineral water every time you take a dip.

Origin Aqua’s revolutionary natural pool filtration system delivers pristine water which is kind to the environment and beneficial to you and your family’s health.

Better for your health, skin, hair & body

At the heart of the Origin Aqua system is our unique living microbial (mineral+biome®) filter which removes pathogens and impurities resulting in natural spring quality mineral water.

The purification process is complemented by the addition of thermal spa minerals. This produces superior mineralised water that revitalises your skin, hair and body by working in harmony with nature in contrast to conventional harmful chemical and saltwater treatments.

With science proving the vital importance of the human microbiome to health and wellbeing, people are looking far more closely at what goes into and onto their body.


The good bacteria starve the water of key food sources like phosphorous, a building block of algae’s DNA,

creating a stressful and inhospitable environment for pathogens to survive or multiply.

This allows us to produce heated mineral quality pool water, that far exceeds EU bathing water standards

without the need for disinfection chemicals like chlorine.

Meanwhile, our unique mineraliser technology works to condition your pool with thermal spa minerals such

as magnesium and selenium which have proven benefits for your health and skin biome.

The mineral+biome® system delivers water quality and swimming experiences that we believe to be superior

to any other offering on the market today.


1. Bio filtration – beneficial microbes remove nutrients and pathogens

2. Fine filtration – removes suspended particles down to 3 microns

3. Absorbent filtration – removes remaining phosphorous

4. UV filtration – kills off any remaining pathogens

5. Mineraliser – re-mineralised water with trace elements such as selenium and magnesium to replicate thermal spa water