Swimming pools are great additions to the home or garden, but we believe that natural pools are a superior alternative to conventional, chemical dosed pools. Offering the best possible swimming experience in chemical free water and with a reduced environmental impact. However, there are a handful of natural swimming pool myths or misconceptions regarding natural swimming pools that we’ve heard over the years.

Therefore, at Clear Water Revival, we have compiled a list of the most common misconceptions with information on natural swimming pool myths and why they’re false-or in some cases, partly false. This information can provide additional peace of mind, as you consider the path towards owning your very own natural swimming pool.

Myth Number 1 – Natural Swimming Pools cannot be heated.

There is a general belief that heating is not possible in natural swimming pools. In our pools, this simply isn’t the case. The filtration technology allows pools to be covered and heated up to 32 degrees. The addition of a solar slatted cover can increase solar gain and minimise evaporation in order to lower heating bills.

Natural Swimming Pool - Villa Epicurea, Sesimbra, Portugal
Natural Swimming Pool – Villa Epicurea, Sesimbra, Portugal

Myth Number 2 – I can’t have a natural pool indoors.

Yes, you can! We were the first natural pool company to build an indoor swimming pool using our state-of-the-art technology. This has therefore enabled us to provide the only chemical free filtration technology for indoor pools on the market. We’ve completed a number of stunning natural mineral water indoor pool projects across the UK, such as the one below.

Natural Swimming Pool - Photography by Gareth Iwan Jones (www.garethiwanjones.com)
Photography by Gareth Iwan Jones (www.garethiwanjones.com)

Myth Number 3 – Natural pools need planted reed beds to keep the water clean.

Our natural pools do not need any aquatic planted zones, as all of the filtration is done by our packaged filter technology. This package filter technology is then stored in a standard swimming pool pump room, connected to the pool via pipework.

You can include planted zones in your pool design as an aesthetic feature. However, they won’t be relied on to clean the water, so you aren’t hindered by the normal swimming pond design rules.

Photography by Gareth Iwan Jones (www.garethiwanjones.com)
Photography by Gareth Iwan Jones (www.garethiwanjones.com)

Myth Number 4 – I can’t have a natural swimming pool because my garden is too small.

Our pools offer great design flexibility which means that even small spaces can be utilised to create a fantastic pool that can be used for training or relaxation. The addition of a counter current machine can allow pools as small as 4m in length to be used for athletic training.

Natural Swimming Pool - Photography by Gareth Iwan Jones (www.garethiwanjones.com)
Photography by Gareth Iwan Jones (www.garethiwanjones.com)

Myth Number 5 – Having a natural pool requires a lot of maintenance.

Although traditional swimming pools require regular chemical dosing and water testing, our filtration system takes care of water quality without the need for any chlorine, bromine or water testing. The addition of a pool robot (included as standard with any Clear Water Revival pool) will reduce the amount of manual labour associated with cleaning your pool.

Myth Number 6 – Running Costs are High.

Our systems use slow/medium rate filtration, which means that our variable speed pumps will typically use less energy than a standard chlorine pool with high rate filtration. In addition to this you won’t have to purchase any chemicals which is another big saving. We try to design our pools from the ground up to be as sustainable as possible, which is done to keep our running costs as manageable as possible. The thermal efficiency of the pool is something that will be factored into the design process to maximise heat retention and solar gain.

Photography by Gareth Iwan Jones (www.garethiwanjones.com)
Photography by Gareth Iwan Jones (www.garethiwanjones.com)

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