Luxury swimming pools, 100% chemical free

Whether you are looking for an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor heated pool or you want to convert your existing chlorinated pool into a natural pool, we have the experience and technology to create a beautiful natural swimming pool as a stunning addition to your home and garden.

Why choose a Clear Water Revival natural swimming pool?

We are a luxury swimming pool company that pride ourselves in being able to provide a comprehensive and flexible design and construction service for natural swimming pools and natural swimming ponds.

Whether you want us to build you a pool, you want to build it for yourself, or if you are company looking to add these skills to your portfolio, we can help.

We can create anything from completely plant free, heated contemporary pools to heavily planted swimming ponds, and everything in-between!

What’s more, our natural filtration technology enables you to swim in crystal clear water, clean enough to drink, 365 days a year.

No chemicals. No compromises. Just clean, crystal clear water, filtered naturally.