Concept Design

  • For customers looking to introduce an original, stunning visual element to their garden Clear Water Revival have a responsive in-house design team who would love to help. Our swimming pool designers’ wealth of experience and creative talent has enabled us to design some exceptional pools for over 10 years. Working with you, CWR will fine tune your design to meet budgetary, lifestyle and design requirements, helping to make your dream pool a reality. Click right to find out about the concept design process.

  • Step 1- Meeting:

    The first step in designing your pool is a consultation at your home or site to expand our understanding of your project and capture your pool desires, ideas, and requirements. Our swimming pool designers will hand sketch ideas with you allowing you to visualise every option before making any decisions. We will also conduct a general survey of the pool site (if required).

  • Step 2- Sketch:

    Using the information from the Customer Design Questionnaire (CDQ) and the design meeting our designer will then take the informal sketches and begin the process of turning them into a full colour, hand-inked concept design. If you’ve not had a topographical survey at this point we will need to arrange one. A geological survey may also be needed.

  • Step 3- Feedback

    Once the swimming pool designers have added more detail to the initial hand sketched concept it will be presented in black and white via email for your final pre-colouring comments. Any changes at this point are included in the design fee.

  • Step 4- Presentation:

    Our designer then incorporates your tweaks into a final concept design. The concept is scaled to A1 and coloured by hand. The final concept is then presented to you via email or in a presentation meeting at your home or site if requested. A budgetary cost will also be presented at this stage (not itemised).

  • Step 5- Finalisation:

    After Final Presentation, any further changes fall outside of the fixed fee design cost and will be charged at £45 per hour plus any travel incurred. Assuming the changes aren’t major, we recommend progressing to detailed design and making the necessary changes during that phase. A detailed CAD design is not included in the concept fixed fee however can be created if necessary by our design team. The next step in the process is detailed design.

Detailed Technical Design

  • Our designers can take any concept design and create a detailed technical drawing which can be used to build your pool. Our extensive knowledge of pool construction means that we can make informed choices when translating concepts into reality. To find out exactly what goes into technical design, click right.

  • Ground Surveys and filling water analysis

    Part of the detailed design process requires a ground survey at your site to determine sub-soil conditions and drainage. This will influence construction decisions and drainage system requirements ensuring no nasty surprises when the build process commences. Conditions such as a high water table will require different technical design considerations and build plans. We also conduct an analysis of your site’s fill water which takes information from water quality zone reports and our own lab testing to determine the treatment needed before it goes into the pool.

  • Filter Sizing, Drainage Plans and Plumbing Schematics

    Each pool needs its own bespoke filter system, optimised for maximum performance. Pool size, usage and design are all taken into account when ascertaining suitable filter sizing and specification. CWR then create a drainage plan to ensure that the pool is protected from surface run off and high water tables. This is extremely important in order for the pool to function correctly. Plumbing schematics are also created to show pipe routing from pool fittings to the plant room. These schematics can be followed by outside contractors with guidance from CWR however we generally carry out plumbing work ourselves.

  • Master Plan, Construction and Sectional Schematics

    The outcome of all of our design choices and technical calculations is a complete a set of detailed design drawings which any building contractor can follow to start the construction of your pool project. These drawings are dependent on the choice of construction method. Click here for information of the different construction methods we use.


  • Clear Water Revival offer both turnkey full-build, or package supply-only project options. Turn-key full build package CWR can deliver projects from start to finish including groundworks, installation and the supply and fit of our ClearSpring filtration system. Our accomplished project managers work hard to deliver projects to an impeccable standard. Supply only If you already have your own contractor we have a wealth experience working with swimming pool builders and groundworkers to deliver your project. Click right to find out about surveying and the different construction methods we use.

  • Site Survey

    Before deciding which construction method our swimming pool builders use, its vital that ground surveys and topographical surveys are completed first. The conclusions drawn from these surveys will determine which construction methods are possible as site conditions may limit options. After we have established the suitable build options for your site we will decide on whichever method fits your design and budgetary requirements. Click right for more information on build methods.

  • Panel System construction

    Installation: The panel system can be fully installed within 6-10 days for an average sized pool using a crew of just four. All panels are fabricated in the factory with the holes for fixtures and fittings. Concrete Usage: With no concrete shell, and needing only two ring beams for stability, the system cuts concrete usage dramatically. Insulation: The panels contain closed-cell waterproof insulation which significantly improves thermal efficiency especially when combined with a solar gain cover. Finish: The semi-rigid build system is unsuitable for traditional tiling. However, CWR have engineered a method to provide both tiled base and walls.

  • Concrete Construction methods

    There are several different concrete shell/tank pool construction methods all of which can be tiled or lined and all of which require a +/- 3mm smooth finish. Concrete construction is versatile and can be the best option for sites with problematic ground conditions. It’s also applicable to complex pool designs. There are three different concrete construction methods which are as follows:

    • Shuttered poured concrete:
    • Concrete block: For example H Block or stepoc
    • Gunite/shot concrete

Technical Maintenance

Clear Water Revival offer a full range of technical maintenance services for our clients. Each member of our technical team is capable of a broad range of services including water testing, PH Balancing and complete maintenance or repair on any part of the ClearSpring filter system. Our pools require far less maintenance than old-style chemical pools and most elements are easy for owners to manage. We’ve also designed a state of the art monitoring system which gives you control at the palm of your hand. For a rates card click here or click here to read about our control systems.

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It is such a joy to swim in chemical free waters if like me you react to the chlorines and other toxins used in most pools. The black liner used in the pool readily absorbs heat from the sun and the pool is naturally much warmer than most outdoor pools

Mrs Rosie Hadden, Little White Alice, Cornwall, UK
Natural swimming pool built by Clear Water Revival