Garden Design

A natural swimming pool is a stunning addition to your home and garden.  Our flexible filtration systems enable us to blend your natural swimming pool into your garden landscape, and for some clients, planning a natural swimming pool is coupled with a re-evaluation of their wider garden design.

If you are looking for a garden redesign in conjunction with your natural swimming pool, our design teams can help you to bring out the best in your garden, setting and scenery.


Our garden designers are 100% focused on the design process being a pleasure for all concerned because this ultimately ensures that the end results will be.

We take a cooperative approach to garden design, developing the design concept together with you, tailoring the service according to your tastes, needs and budget.

We work hard to link our garden designs to the wider landscape so that your garden looks ‘inevitable’, like it was meant to be and has always been there.

All of our gardens are designed to look fantastic all year round. We consider it essential to provide a very solid structure to a garden that will give it a wonderful character as the seasons change.

We also design the garden to fit your maintenance capabilities ensuring that caring for your garden is a pleasurable experience, never a chore.

Contact our team for more information about linking your natural swimming pool and garden design.