The Harmful of Effects of Chlorine

Wouldn’t it be nice if on the warmest of summer days, you could dive straight into a clear and refreshing pool? We rarely consider the effects of chlorine pools on health. As extended contact of chlorine and other chemicals with the skin can be deemed harmful.

We’re probably all familiar with at least one of the common side-effects of swimming. Whether that be sore eyes, skin irritations, and that lovely smell that lingers until you’ve had a good shower.

Chlorine added to water will break down into two chemicals. One kills bacteria almost instantly and the second stays in the water killing any bacteria brought in by new bathers. Chlorine is itself an irritant, which is why people must limit be the amount of chlorine they add to water. But that’s not the only problem with disinfectants.

Chlorine Side-effects

Chlorine and chlorine compounds can form harmful by-products when they are mixed with other agents. Unfortunately, these other agents are common in swimming pool water. Perspiration, urine, saliva, hair, skin particles, faeces, cosmetics and even sunscreens all contribute to the formation of disinfectant by-products. All of which can be absorbed through the skin.

As the chemicals vaporise into the air, these chemicals can be inhaled. The use of chemical coagulants, while marketed as similar to drinking water, in reality still expose the pool users to a mix of chemicals. As stated, usually involving chlorine at low levels or in intermittent use.

Researchers are still trying to understand how the body reacts to chlorinated water and DBPs, which are known respiratory irritants. Some studies have suggested that children may be more likely to develop asthma if they swim regularly in chlorinated pools. Sweat, skin, and other organic compounds can react with chlorine if levels are too high. Which will produce harmful fumes that cause irritation to the eyes, skin, and the respiratory system as well as other effects of chlorine pools on health.

What are the Alternatives to Chlorine Pools?

Natural Swimming Pools

clearwater natural outdoor swimming pool

When fitting a swimming pool, traditionally chemicals are used to keep these features clean and functional. What you might not realise, however, is that there is an alternative solution. Offering a stunning swimming pool without the need for these harsh chemicals and treatments. For these reasons, natural swimming pools are becoming ideal replacements for conventional swimming pools.

Converting your Chlorine Pool

If you wish to convert your swimming pool, Clear Water Revival can retrofit the ClearSpring system to existing pools.

If your existing pool filtration is expensive to run, or you simply no longer want to share your water with elements of the periodic table, ClearSpring is the answer. Visit our Contact Us page for further details.